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the story was a community web site active between 1999 and 2002. The site now exists in archive mode.

If you're a new visitor, you're probably looking for My Schedule, an email joke that I posted several years ago, which still receives 11,000 hits per month.

If you're a friend or "member", well, thanks for the memories. Those were they days, huh?

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships.
- Abraham Lincoln

Mike Pugh


Jan 2013 update - just added YouTube versions of the old videos over on the Multimedia page.


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ChicagoCircle's Greatest Hits:

St. Patrick's Day 2002 
A classic pre-game and Angie & Dan's, crowded trains, parade, fights, mayhem.

Sara's Birthday Party 2002
The gang's all here, including a young Justin and K-Bar's goofball girlfriend.

Damenium Halloween 2001 
The situation demanded Reese's costume go in the fire, and in the fire it went.

Fall in Starved Rock 2001
Beautiful foliage, crazy ladybug density, and a lovely group photo.

Damenium NYE Spectacular 2001 
A classic brawler featuring shiny, happy people and a girl with remarkable ass balance.

Charter Fishing 2000
The Love Boat and Booze Cruise reel in 100+ pounds of coho and lake trout.

Mike and Kevin in Germany 2000
Bullet holes, beautiful Lea, absinth, and a massive pile of pork. Mmmm.

Katy Trail Bike Trip 1999
Follow four handsome devils along the nation's longest rails to trails project.


photo archive

German Fest 2002
Kevin & Maria's Shindig
Danielle&Michael Wedding
Blues Fest 2002
St. Patrick's Day
K-Bar's Birthday Bonanza
Frank Lloyd Wright Homes
Scott's Birthday Brawler
Snowboarding in Aspen
Sara's Birthday Party

Damenium Halloween
Fall in Starved Rock
M & K's Summer Party
Washington Island, DC
Dan & Angie's Wedding
Stock Bachelor Party
Megan, Sara Rooftop
Scott Pinkslip Party
C&R AidsRide Party
Memorial Day
Fish Fry 2001
St. Patrick's Day

Damenium NYE 2001
Halloween 2000
Charter Fishing 2000
M & K Trip to Germany
Saint Paddy's Parade

New Years Eve
Paulina Holiday Party
Paulina After Bar
Paulina Housewarming
M & K in the Smokies
Katy Trail Bike Trip
Blues Fest