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K-Bar's Birthday Bonanza (Wisconsin-Style)

from:   PUGH-Diddy & the Funky Bunch  
location:   Cork Lounge - 1822 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL View Map
when:   Friday, March 1, 8:00pm

Friends and neighbors: it’s K-Bar’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate it Wisconsin-style!

No, I’m not talking about glue-sniffing and cow-tipping, I’m talking about boozing it up at a classic dive bar! Join us at the Cork Lounge and:

- Play yesterday’s hits on the magical jukebox
- Try to out-sing Patty, the nicest bartender in Chicago
- Enjoy the company of friends
- Swill some of the least expensive drinks in the city
- Tease Kevin about his advanced age (hint: rhymes with "dirty")

The Cork Lounge is right by the Addison El stop on Lincoln & Addison. It really is a fun and cheap place. Festivities start around 8.

Hope to see you there!

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Yes 26 •
 PUGH-Diddy & the Funky Bunch: (The Organizer)
• kuehneman@excite.com: (+ 6 guests) Happy B-day, big K, i will show up tomorrow with 5 females and 1 guy...so, be ready for us...!!! the shorter K. (3/1)
• themeaningoflife1742@yahoo.com: (2/28)
• Kristine Allison: Kevin is that a picture of you eating tall pig? (2/27)
• bainbridges@hotmail.com: I have wedding that night, but I will ditch out early for the old man's celebration. (2/27)
• smatheu@hotmail.com: Wouldn't miss it honey!! (2/27)
• Claudia Arteaga: (+ 1 guest) (2/27)
• danielshae@yahoo.com: well...ok. (2/26)
• ashley gull: I'm all about drinking at that shithole! Hot old guys hang out there...Kevin you will fit in nicely! (2/26)
• turf727@yahoo.com: Wow, the Cork lounge!...so close I can crawl home! Pinch me I must be dreaming! (2/26)
• d_carlucci@hotmail.com: (+ 1 guest) (2/26)
• Dwayne Hisscock: No worries!! Some women find old-man balls attractive. (2/26)
• slothkids@hotmail.com: Four-eyes! (2/26)
• justincrist@hotmail.com: (2/26)
• Angie Johnson: (+ 1 guest) Ah, the pleasures of still being in your twenties and having your friends turn thirty. (2/26)
• Jen Bruch: (2/26)
• Jason Martens: (2/26)

No 4 •
• chad jordan: No Way!!! That guy is a Prick!!! (3/3)
• tgroth@mindspring.com: Ah fxxk. The name of the email sounded like one of those junk bar night emails and I didn't read it until afterwards. Sorry. Happy B-day. (3/3)
• Matthew Reese: going to Arizona, sorry k-bar (2/26)
• kelli barnes: I wish I could be there,but I'll be in Arizona. PUGH-Diddy, give Kevina a birthday smooch for me. (2/26)

Not Yet Replied 10 •
• nils@version1-0.com: (Viewed On Fri. Mar. 1)
• connors73@hotmail.com: (Viewed On Wed. Feb. 27)
• jkissane@hotmail.com: (Viewed On Tue. Feb. 26)
• mjalov1@uic.edu 
• Ariel Cuenca: (Viewed On Fri. Mar. 1)
• victorine@pbworld.com: (Viewed On Tue. Feb. 26)
• slycke@fitzarchitects.com: (Viewed On Tue. Feb. 26)
• lmedlik@hotmail.com: (Viewed On Wed. Feb. 27)
• aabiefel@yahoo.com: (Viewed On Fri. Mar. 1)
• scott_ahrens@hotmail.com: (Viewed On Wed. Feb. 27)

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