Day Three

sob insideAs we were mulling about our campground early morning on Day Three, one of the ladies from the S.O.B called to us from the S.O.B.'s porch: "Hey! Ya’ll want some coffee?" Grateful for the offer, we all filed into the SOB to drink coffee and wash up. Coffee led to pancakes, pancakes led to eggs, and eggs led to giant slabs of ham. The people at the S.O.B. really took care of us. We couldn’t recommend the place enough.steamboat junction

With bellies full and sprits high, we were on the trail at 9:30am, our earliest start yet.

Ten miles down the trail we stopped in Bluffton, home of Steamboat Junction, an excellent campground and trail side stop. We ordered some shaved ice and relaxed.

mike, trail, river The trail was pretty scenic on this leg of the journey. There were a lot of nice bluffs to ride under and the river was always close by.

Lunch was at a small bar in Rhineland. It was smoking hot on day three so we stretched lunch out for a good hour, relaxing in AC and bulking up on Gatorade and water.

Marthasville, our stop for the evening, was 25 miles further down the line, and we rode those miles in good time with few stops, although we were quiet and determined and probably all struggling in one way or another. The day before had been hard, and it had taken a lot out of us.

wineryIt was then with great joy that we coasted into Marthasville and saw the giant, be-patioed winery there. In yet another example of people along the trail’s suburb hospitality, the lady who ran the winery lined up a bed and breakfast for us, gave us a wine tasting, and told us about the town and the trail. We soon retired to the patio with a few bottles of Black Bear Blush and waited for the B&B proprietors.

little houseThe B&B, which was right across the street from the winery, was called the "Little House" and it was just that: a small, comfortable, air-conditioned house with two bedrooms and a fold-out couch. We had the place all to ourselves.

That night we ate at a little diner and talked with a fellow rider. Like us, he was riding the entire Katy Trail, carrying all he needed in pannier bags.  Unlike us, he was 50-something and he was riding the entire length of the trail and back.

Thumbnails of Day Three pictures:

trail, bluffs bridge nice steamboat junction steamboat junction 2 friends van friends van 2
trail, river river, bridge approaching bridge friends guy on old school bike mike, trail, river
winery 2 winery at the winery little house