4 men, 4 days, 193.3 miles...

On Friday, June 18, 1999, four guys from Chicago set out on a journey to bicycle across Missouri’s Katy Trail, the longest rails to trails project in the U.S. These guys didn’t have much long distance bicycling experience, but they figured that since they liked riding their bikes to restaurants and bars in Lincoln Park, riding across Missouri shouldn’t be much of a problem. So they drove their bikes and their gear down to St. Charles, MO, dropped their car off at the trail’s end, rented a Uhaul truck to shuttle their bikes, bodies and gear across the state, and threw themselves into the deep end.

trail map

Ride the trail with the guys! Ride the trail with the guys! See stunning digital photography! Read epic stories of adventure and dehydration! Have your heart touched by the immutable goodness and generosity of the human spirit! Savor a half-pound burger at the S.O.B.!
See the Pictures! Just want to see the pictures? Here are all four days worth of thumbnails. For those of you with bigger bandwidth (or with 9 minutes of load time to spare), here are all of the full-size pictures on one page.
Ride the trail yourself Thinking about riding the Katy Trail yourself? Well here’s a messy page that include scans of maps and trail guide and stuff, plus some "What we would have done differently if only we’d known…" advice.
Links, baby, yeah! And what kind of site wouldn’t have links to other Katy Trail resources such as the Interactive Katy Trail? 


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