Day One
katy trail sign chaz matt mike scott tracks end
horseplay mike on trail on your honor fridge torn up building antique shot detour construction
old stoplight us by old stoplight ruined barn turtle river shot first bridge
roundhouse campground


Day Two
chaz approaches tunnel great tunnel view coming through tunnel outside tunnel 2 outside tunnel indian paintings
scots rig matts rig mike's rig chads rig bridge brige, river
louis clark cave mountain men cave men 2 cave men bluff mike, chaz in cave

cave jordans

cave men



bluff, rive

us resting

by the missouri

matt by the river


long trail

trail, river

saviors truck

sob inside 2

sob inside




Day Three
trail, bluffs bridge nice steamboat junction steamboat junction 2 friends van friends van 2
trail, river river, bridge approaching bridge friends guy on old school bike mike, trail, river
winery 2 winery at the winery little house


Day Four
chad by bluff lush trail bend farm vista jordans riding canopy lush trail
scott under canopy stoic mike bridge swamp hawks original swamp shot tracks by trail
construction back at car back at car triumph brewery