Charter Fishing 2000

TN01Ang.Suki.jpg (3758 bytes)
Ang & Suki
02the Tension Breaker
the Tension Breaker
03Uncle Bill's house
Uncle Bill's house
04Tension Breaker with 'talkie in foreground
Tension Breaker w/ walkie-talkie
Angie's catch
Angie's catch
Angie's catch
Angie's catch #2
07Dan reels one in
Dan reels one in
08Dan and Angie team effort
Dan and Angie team effort
09Mike reels it in
Mike reels it in
Suki and Joe
Suki & Joe
11Mike and Craig relax with Captain Rich
Mike and Craig relax with Captain Rich
TN12Dan.Ang.jpg (3737 bytes)
Dan & Ang
13Kris and Mike team effort
Kris and Mike team effort
14Craig and Joe in the back of the boat
Craig and Joe in the back of the boat
15Mike holds his big boy
Mike holds a 13-pounder
16Joe strikes a pose
Joe strikes a pose
17Dan reeling 'em in
Dan reeling 'em in
18And they keep coming
And they keep coming
19Craig strikes a pose
Craig strikes a pose
Suki and Craig
Suki & Craig
21Joe guts a fish
Joe guts a fish
22Love Boat's catch
Love Boat's catch
23Capt. Rich carves away
Capt. Rich carves away
24Dan waits for the next one
Dan waits for the next one
25The Love Boat
The Love Boat
26And he gets it
And he gets it
27Suki's glamour shots
Suki's glamour shot
28Love Boat catch
Love Boat catch
29The Boose Cruise
The Boose Cruise
30Booze Cruise trophies
Booze Cruise trophies
31Booze Cruise catch
Booze Cruise catch
32Booze Cruise trophies2
Booze Cruise trophies2
33Jason with the 25lb-er
Jason with the 25lb-er
34Rich cleaning the catch
Rich cleaning the catch
35the Charter Gang
the Charter Gang
36Jason and Sara
Jason and Sara
37Booze cruise first mate
Booze cruise first mate
38The Group2
The Group
39Fish Boy and his Mamma
Fish Boy and his Mamma
40Scott, Angie, Chad, Dan
Scott, Angie, Chad, Dan
41The Moms
The Moms
42Dinner that night
Dinner that night
44Setting up the tents
Setting up the tents
45MJ cooking breakfast
MJ cooks the morning vittles
46The Boys
Three white boys
47Packing up
Packing up
48Takin home the catch
Takin home the catch

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