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Chris & Ramya's AidsRide Extravaganza!
Event Details
Host: Chris, Ramya & Robb & Cathy
Location: Robb & Cathy's Place
Address: 2739 N. Sheffield (Sheffield & Diversey)
City / State: Chicago, IL
Telephone: Chris-773-334-3137
Date: Saturday June 2, 2001
Time: 07:30 pm
Notes: Yes, that's right... We put the "fun" in fundraising! Our wonderful friends Robb and Cathy are graciously hosting our party at their beautiful home! We promise great FOOD, plenty of good DRINKIN' and a groovin' GOOD TIME! In return, since we have to raise A LOT of money for our 515 mile AIDSRide this summer, we are asking for a $20 donation per person, or $30 per couple. But hey! Its for a very good cause and this will be THE party of the summer! So please,bring your friends, bring your mom, bring whoever. Just be sure to RSVP ALL YOUR GUESTS so we can have plenty of CERVEZA and good eats! It's real EASY to get there, so call Chris if you need directions 773-334-3137, or give Ramya a call 815-407-0893.Can't wait to see you at...ˇSABADO GIGANTE!
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30Attending   75Undecided   11Declining View All Guests
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May 25, 2001 kudo's - Paul Foppe
sorry ramya, 5-23-01 today I became an uncle a second time with the
May 15, 2001 Apologies - Nikki
I'm sorry I won't be able to make it. I have a bachelorette party to
May 07, 2001 Chris & Ramya's AidsRide Extravaganza! - chor44
ˇSábado Gigante! Yes, that's right... We put the %22fun%22 in

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