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Chicago-Specific Resources

Citysearch Chicago. If you don't already, subscribe to their weekend preview newsletter.

Chicago Reader. Great restaurant, movie reviews

Bike Chicago. Nice trip ideas here, such as the Baha'i Temple ride.

City of Chicago

Ravinia Festival

Neighborhood Festivals

Chicago Historical Society. Interesting online exhibits in the projects section.

Chicago Public Libraries. More good online collections. Who would have thought that sewers could be so interesting?


Web Miscellany

Top stars like Harrison Ford and Ewan McGregor would never sell outm and do cheeseball ads, right? Right. Except in Japan.

LostAmerica is a collection of night photography of the abandoned roadside west. Beautiful!

Snake Heads, fishing accidents, stabbings and mummies. You'll see them all at

Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz and see how much productive land and water you need to support your lifestyle. You gluttonous pig.

Check out G-MAX Skateboarding, a great Flash game.

Snapcount is a game of world domination promoting The Sum of All Fears. It's just like RISK.

Images from the preprohibition era, when many psychotropic substances were legally available in America and Europe is about Ghost Towns, abandoned settlements and historic places in the western United States. It features nice photography.

Drugs, nudity, and fierce patriotism. Check out these ads from early 80's biker magazines.

New edition of This is a Magazine is up.

I guess being able to make Lego illustrations of yourself is reasonably clever.

It appears that Stuart David of Looper has been kidnapped by Peacock Johnson!

He rode his bike across the United States, hiked the Appalacian trail, hiked in Kenya... What hasn't Jim Damico done?

Japanese signs and advertisements featuring "Engrish".

This is a magazine is definitely worth a click-through.

You just know Kris Ann will hate puppy bowling.

Ivorty Tower Presents - fun web comics.

Gentlemen: you'll want to play the 2002 Mueller Invitational, where the world's beauties compete to be your #1.

"Truth in advertising" - vintage cigarette & tobacco ads

Play beetle buggin'

Long live audiogalaxy! This file sharing application is better than Napster.

Please, think of the kittens.

What's wrong with this picture? You have to look closely. Having sound helps.

The Flash pieces at Levitated Core, "A collective of self determination", are truly works of art.

Good Lord! These are some Miserable Melodies! The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra's "Whole Lotta Love" is criminal!

Anyone down for a game of Googlewhacking? Lycke and Pugh have the skills.
Pugh's: solipsistic skydive
Lycke's: flatulent shitzu

kiteMATH, a local design firm, just launched a fantastic Flash site.

"Little Rocket is spiritually located on the moon but is physically on the Philippines, right beside five cats and a dog." His drawings are superb.

Good God! Have you seen the new iMac?

Almond Chu has one of the finest photograpy portfolio sites I have ever seen.

Click over to the Monson Snowboard Design Contest page and press refresh a bunch of times..

These Soviet Era Anti-Drinking Posters are fun.

Some freak named mike pugh redesigned his personal web site.

Powerpoint presentation: "Yours is a Very Bad Hotel".

How well can you recognize the models in gas masks?

This first person shooter Flash game rules!

Sex, Lies, and Fairytales is about as bizzare as it gets.

As any player knows, sometimes you get a bad Scrabble hand.

Dislike cell phones? Violently?

Have you seen the cat scans yet?

Ever what urinals in space look like?

Air hockey, anyone?

Alanis Morissette Random Lyric Generator

Internet Anagram Server. Did you know that ASS KILL IRON is an anagram for Kris Allison?

Circus Peanut, Pico stick, Fizzy Milk and more... immortalized on

Watch Jen gargle her way through "take me out to the ball game."

Monkey vs. Robot!

Pixelgraphy, from Germany, is an incredibly elegant photography site.

Lycke wanted me to mention

one giant leap, the round the world travel website, continues to blow me away. Emergency Exit looks promising too.

"Hello, my future girlfriend, this is what I sound like..."

Check out, the unofficial homepage of the actress who played Janet on "Three's Company."

French Web surrealism doesn't get any weirder than is good, dumb fun.

Critics are divided over Spielberg's AI, but the original short story that it was based on is an absolute gem.

Eugene Mirman is the marvelous crooning child!

How much alcohol does it take to change your blood alcohol level? Consult the Blood Alcohol Content Estimator.

Who let the dogs out?

Super Greg!

Exposed: Matt Jordan's Peter Pan fetish page!

The sculptor named Michael Pugh has an excellent new web site.

McSweeney's is updated daily and is always great. Of particular note is the lists section.

Don't stop believin'!

Chris Cunningham makes incredible short films and music videos.

BMW is spotlighting five short films by famous action directors

How many ants are there on the planet? A quadrillion or a novemvigintillion? Find out at Big Numbers.

Take a tour of the Guinness brewery.

Got to love the stick figure kung-fu.

The Museum of Useful Things in Cambridge, MA can be a fun place to visit.

Bicycles are king in Amsterdam, and Kronan makes them best.

His name is Sam and he draws fun pictures based on the titles you send him at exploding dog.