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The Damenium New Years Spectacular - Dec. 31, 2000

Chad and Tiffany.jpg
Chad and Tiffany
Danielle, dahling!.jpg
Danielle, dahling!

Craig and Suki.jpg
Craig and Suki

Sara and Matt.jpg
Sara and Matt
Kris Ann and Sara.jpg
Kris Ann and Sara
Andy, Ashley, Liz.jpg
Andy, Ashley, Liz
Avrina and Bethanny.jpg
Avrina and Bethanny
baloon man.jpg
baloon boy
do you want to know a secret.jpg
do you want to know a secret
Clark, Dan and crew.jpg
Clark, Dan and crew
couple 2.jpg
couple 3.jpg
couple 4.jpg
Lycke Men
Curt and Jen.jpg
Curt and Jen
Danielle and Suki.jpg
Danielle and Suki
Andy and Kevin.jpg
Andy and Kevin
what works well here.jpg
what works well here...
doesn't work well here.jpg
...fails miserably here
er, um....jpg
er, um...
Gull and co..jpg
Young Gull and co.
Heidi and Brian.jpg
Heidi and Brian
12 oclock fuzziness.jpg
12 oclock fuzziness
12 oclock pourings.jpg
12 oclock pourings
12 oclock.jpg
12 oclock
midnight kiss.jpg
midnight kiss
Heidi, Brian, Kevin.jpg
Heidi, Brian, Kevin
Kbar and Lycke laugh.jpg
Kbar and Lycke laugh
keeping it real out back.jpg
keeping it real
Kris and Charlie.jpg
Kris and Charlie
Matt, Sara, Matt, Tiffany.jpg
Matt, Sara, Matt, Tiffany
Kris Ann and Mike.jpg
Kris Ann and Mike
Lycke brother mayhem.jpg
Lycke brother mayhem
lewd crew.jpg
lewd crew
Liz and Craig.jpg
Liz and Craig
natural pose.jpg
natural pose
Todd and TR.jpg
Todd and TR
Mike and Danielle.jpg
Mike and Danielle
Matt and Bethany.jpg
Matt and Bethany
Tiffany and Kris Ann.jpg
Tiffany and Kris Ann
Andy his lady.jpg
Andy his lady
Matt, Trent and....jpg
Matt, Trent and...
opposites attract.jpg
opposites attract
pete adoration.jpg
Pete adoration
mike and craig.jpg
mike and craig
my what nice smiles.jpg
my what nice smiles
Mike, Suki, Wu, Matt.jpg
Mike, Suki, Wu, Matt
Kris Ann and Kevin.jpg
Kris Ann and Kevin
natural pose 2.jpg
natural pose 2
Sara and Matt 2.jpg
Sara and Matt 2
new years kids.jpg
New Years kids
nye sweethearts.jpg
New Years sweethearts
oops, I did it again.jpg
oops, I did it again
parlor people.jpg
parlor people
Tiffany and Danielle.jpg
Tiffany and Danielle
Sara and Chad.jpg
Sara and Chad
sparking crew.jpg
sparking crew
Scott and Wu.jpg
Scott and Wu
Sherry and....jpg
Sherry and...
Sara and Reese.jpg
Sara and Reese
The Damenium.jpg
The Damenium
The youngest partygoers.jpg
the youngest partygoers
three girls.jpg
three girls
Lycke brother mayhem2.jpg
more Lycke mayhem
Tiffany and friend.jpg
Tiffany and friend

video clip: Pete's film screening

video clip: Pete's film screening 2
Trent and friend.jpg
Trent and friend
what a girls wants.jpg
what a girls wants
matt and cuenc.jpg
matt and cuenc
matt and cuenc2.jpg
matt and cuenc2

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