Kris & Mike's Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Day One
On day one (Monday, August 16, 1999) we arrived in Gatlinburg, TN, visited the Sugarlands Visitor Center (park headquarters), set up camp at Elkmont campground, and then hiked the Chimney Tops Trail, a steep, strenuous 4 mile trip up to the top of the mountains.

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bridge.2 bridge.jpg cool.uprooted.trunk kirs.over.stepping.bridge kris.on.river.rock
mike.on.roots kris.on.trail.downward kris.on.trail kris.walking.up.trail.3 kris.walking.up.trail
kris.on.trail.2 river.3 river.4 river.5
mike.up.on.trail river.2 river.6.rocky river.7.jpg river.from.above


Day Two
On day two we went horseback riding at McCarter's Stables.  We rode the horses high up into the mountains and then back down.  We then drove through the park and hiked up to Clingman's Dome, the highest point in the park.  Later we visited the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

mike.and.a.j. kris.and.blondie horses.6 horses.kris horses.2
road.2 road (4702 bytes)
t2.cherokee.speaker signs


Day Three
On Day Three we hiked the Alum Cave Trail up to the bluffs, a 5-mile journey.   The scenery here was spectacular, especially the bluffs and the view from the top.

river.2 river.3 kris.on.roots river.stones
kris.log.bridge kris.climbing.trail river river.stones.2 kris.stone.steps
kris.stone.steps. mike.stone.steps kris.stone.steps.5 root.gnarl roots.2
mike.ascending.stairs kris.climbing.down.bluff roots


Day Four
On day four we visited Cades Cove, a beautiful valley within the mountains where the first settlers lived.  We drove the Cades Cove Loop Road, stopping frequently to view different cabins and settlements.  We saw a number of deer on the road.  They weren't afraid of us at all.  Later that day we hiked to Abrams Falls, a 5-mile journey. cantelever.barn waterfall.close waterfall.far
mike.waterfall.2 kris.waterfall doe3 buck.2 doe2
panoramic.river campground


During the trip we took a number of "photo-stitch" or panoramic shots with the digital camera:

panoramic.kris.river panoramic.clingmans.dome
panoramic.clingmans.walkway panoramic.mountain.merge panorama.huge.scenery